Andrew Ferber
“A Good Crazy”

Andrew put the gloves on at the young age of 12 years old and has had a passion for boxing ever since. As the founder of GOLO, he brings his passion, energy and love of the sport into this new exciting venture! Called a good kind of crazy by his peers, it’s all about having a blast while the music is thumping and the lights are flashing, with a few bitchin’ dance moves thrown in!

A second degree black belt and owner of a successful personal training business, Body Design of Solana Beach, his love of fitness is spread to all those he is fortunate enough to get to work with. A member of the fitness industry for 30 years, he believes in always giving 100% to the body mind and spirit.

“Never too old to rock and roll” is the motto he lives by.

Why not become a true badass in the process!

Daniel Favela
“Lieutenant Dan”

Daniel is a southern Californian native has been living in San Diego his whole life started in the sport of boxing at 20 years old and teaching boxing since 2005. Dan has built an emphasis on boxing technique and strength pushing his clients to get the most out of their workouts. Dan has also worked as a pro boxing coach and as an amateur boxing coach. Dan’s philosophy focuses on technique and the workout will come. If you want to learn impeccable technique, Dan is the MAN!

Danny Han
“Kick Master Han”

Danny Han has 5 years of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Muay Thai as well as 4 years of experience in Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. He has competed in Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Wrestling at the amateur level. He continues his athletic endeavors to this day in MMA while pursuing his undergraduate degree at UCSD as a management science major. Danny Han’s passion for fitness began in high school. Upon graduation he returned to Del Norte High School to work as the head strength and conditioning coach for the wrestling team. To this day Danny Han continues to help others lead a life of health and fitness as a boxing trainer at GOLO boxing as well as a private kickboxing, wrestling and swim coach.

Ariel Smotrich
“The Lion Heart”

Ariel is a San Diego native, with fitness coded in his DNA. A former internationally trained track captain and martial artist, he packs a ton of energy and mindfulness into his workouts. Though a kind soul, Ariel isn’t afraid to push you to your limits, making sure you get the best boxing experience possible. Don’t be fooled by the curls, come ready to bring it!

“The Boss”

At just six months old, Hemingway has already taken on an impressive leadership role at GOLO boxing. His charming demeanor and relentless energy inspire clients and trainers to reach their peak performance. Hemingway believes in living each day to the fullest and sets the tone for the studio’s amazing energy. Stop by GOLO Boxing to meet The Boss.