Boxing – Our basic boxing class where you can expect to be on our Aqua Bags for almost the entire class! Each trainer has their own flare on how they mix boxing and bodyweight exercises. Every boxing class can hold all levels – beginner through expert!

Half Boxing & Half HIIT – An INTENSE and FUN class where we mix both boxing and circuit training. This class is sure to give you an incredible workout and go by quickly! You can expect about 20-25 minutes of boxing, and 20-25 minutes for the HIIT workout. Be prepared to move around the room for the HIIT circuit!

BoxFit – Our unique mix of Boxing and BootCamp! Picture a high intensity boxing class paired with dumbbells, bands, and yoga mats (and maybe more!). You can expect to be stationary around your bag for the whole class!

Yoga – Our version of Power Yoga! We focus on building strength, flexibility, and endurance using various postures that flow together in an ordered sequence, linking breathing to movement. It is designed for all levels of practitioners!

Open Gym – During open gym, our main boxing room and all equipment in it are available for use for monthly members only. Hit the bag, use the equipment and sharpen up on your skills! A trainer will be present at all times during open gym.